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describe 2 people marooned together and their relationship after 5 days, 5 months and 5 years, in 300 words. 

John1 was a lawman. John2 was a man of law. Before they set out to the stars, John1 had said,

Day smiteth day in twain, night sundereth night,
And on mine eyes the dark sits as the light;
  Yea, Lord, thou knowest I know not, having sinned,
If heaven be clean or unclean in thy sight.

A crash, and they were stranded.

After five days, John1 was afraid of the bioluminescent apes. John2 was performing intercourse with them. The remains of the ship biodegraded fast enough to drip-drip-drip like a sink in an empty home; they listened to it together.

After five months, John2 called John1 brother for the first time. John1 had a marionette of syringes and discarded plutonium shells; their mother. They knew each other's every thought, but for the waking ones.

After five years, John was one with the faerie fire of the wetlands, and John was the John. The John's song could rouse the ice-blooded old things in the marsh from their death; the fire would then play its colors upon their feathers, and such was the gladness and success of their mission.

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It's like the fulfilment of the other two.



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